Workers' Compensation

Anyone who gets hurt at work enters a system called workers' compensation. Our firm is available to provide information, counseling, and legal services for this system in Florida. If you know someone who has had a workers' compensation claim, you've probably heard about how difficult it can be and how miserable the benefits are. To make matters worse, it is going to be much harder to pursue a claim for injuries that occur after 10/1/2003. The system was altered in 1990, 1994, and again in the 2003 special session. These changes were designed to cut employer's costs by drastically limiting benefits for injured workers. An outline of the evolution of worker's compensation is provided in a special section of this website.

In addition to an attorney, your doctor is important to a workers' compensation case. Finding a good doctor is critical. Ideally, the doctor would help you to fully recover and you would return to full-time work. However, sometimes you start treatment with the wrong doctor or the insurance company fails to authorize medical care. At these times counselling and/or legal services are essential.

Not all individuals with injuries are able to recover and return to their previous positions. In addition to assisting you with workers' compensation, we are available, on request, to assist with disability insurance or social security disability and other options like re-training through the State or Federal Government.

Many injured workers do not consider the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit. Although it is difficult to sue your employer when workers' compensation coverage is provided, there are often other companies that can be sued for causing the injuries. Because of the limitations on worker's compensation, it is very important to consider the possibility of other types of lawsuits. Early investigation of these claims is very important while evidence and information are still available.

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